"I keep meaning to send you some pictures of how good the lawn looks since I installed your kit a month ago. You can use the pictures if you would like for your website or any you want. Once again, thanks I am extremely satisfied with the product, and have made the recommendation to many of my friends."

- Andrew

"Very easily done, & have not had any issues with the system from the day I installed. Really like the fact that the system shuts down easily at the end of the year & does not need to be blown out, real easy to do."

- Gary Lewis   Escanaba, MI

"The instructional DVD and printed material were easy to understand. After watching the DVD and reading the instructions I was able to layout the system for my yard which includes a garden. Within a day I had three zones installed and it works great. I would recommend Auto Rain Lawn Gear® systems to anyone who would like to save plenty of money along with the satisfaction of doing it yourself."

- Gary Mattson  San Diego, CA

"I have installed Auto Rain Lawn Gear® kits at my home and two rentals. They are very easy to understand and install and work extremely well. I had several different quotes from irrigation contractors in my area. These kits saved me over 70% which is thousands of dollars."

- Rick Carter  Lincoln, NE

"The Auto Rain Lawn Gear® system was perfect for my garden. It took an afternoon to install. Now I can water anytime without the hassle of hoses. There is no gluing of parts like other systems I have looked at. All very simple with very high quality parts and easy to understand instructions." 

- Mary Snyder  Green Bay, WI