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irrigation kits

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Now you can have the best name in irrigation equipment, Rain Bird® in a complete Do It Yourself (DIY) kit.
Introducing Auto Rain Lawn Gear® Irrigation Systems from UP Irrigation


Six contractor grade kits are now available with components to complete installation of several zones in any yard. Choose from one, two or three zone kits for large or small areas.

A landscape flush with green grass, healthy trees and colorful flowers increases a home's curb appeal. Automatic sprinklers are the best way to maintain such a luxuriant setting while minimizing water use. Auto Rain Lawn Gear® will increase the value of your home well past the purchase price.

Additional options are available including timers, #5006 Rain Bird® replacement rotors, #1806 Rain Bird® pop- up spray heads, King auto drains with tee for low lying areas where no rotor or pop-up will be and back flow prevention mechanisms. With so many options you can save over 60% off a contractor’s price and own a contractor quality self-draining system.

Auto Rain Lawn Gear® Irrigation Systems are easy to install, operate and maintain. Following installation, hook the poly pipe to your home spigot (s), turn it on, and you are ready for a full season of trouble- free lawn irrigation.

No more hauling and repositioning hoses, or wasting water with conventional sprinklers that are accidentally left running. If you Think Green, you should Be Green. This system will Save Green by using the simple timing devices available on the Options page to conserve precious water and save money on utility bills.

Fall shut down is as easy as turning off the spigot, disconnecting the poly pipe (s) and inserting the cap (supplied in kits) to prevent debris from entering. Your Auto Rain Lawn Gear® system drains itself. This means no expensive service calls to have your system blown out each fall, or to have your system activated every spring. Auto Rain Lawn Gear® does it all, saving time and money. It is the easiest system to install and maintain.

Each zone is designed with the spigot producing 5 gallons per minute (gpm). You can test your spigot by placing a metered bucket (5 gallon most common) into the flow of water from the spigot and determine how long it takes to fill the bucket in one minute. Be sure no water is running anywhere inside or outside your house. If you have more than 5 gpm you can add spray heads to that zone (s). Each spray head will use the 1.5 gpm nozzle so if you have 8 gpm at your spigot you can easily add one more spray head on the zone (s).

Most homes have at least 5 gpm at the spigot so you can use the One Zone Kit, Two Zone Kit or Three Zone Kit for large or small areas or a combination of any. The examples of lawns will give you insight as to planning your home irrigation system. It is the easiest and most effective of any Do It Yourself kits available.

*Kits come with instruction for the Rain Bird® components in English, Spanish and Deutsche. Many other languages are available at the Rain Bird® web site.


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